Online Nail Art Workshop 01

Take your manicures to the next level!


We're excited to bring you our first prerecorded online nail art workshop in partnership with Manikűr.


Containing 7 super popular designs with a slight twist ranging from simple to intricate to boost your confidence to create more nail art! This workshop is suitable for begginers!


You'll be introduced to nail art tools and techniques with a step by step video and text instructions. 


Designs included;

- polka dots

- french

- glitter fade

- hearts

- brush strokes

- abstract

- green marble with goil


What you'll need;

- gel polishes incl. top coat

- LED nail lamp

- striper brushes

- clean up brush or fan brush

- glitter

- cotton pads

- nail tips or swatches

- nail surface cleanser (acetone free)

- nail foil glue or sticky top coat

- mixing palette or piece of foil

- your favourite beverage 


You'll also need a good internet connection. Best enjoyed on a tablet/ laptop or desktop.


Unlimited access once purchased. 

Running time approx 32mins




Online Nail Art Workshop 01



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